San Joaquin birding 2/8

Denise and David Hamilton

Hi all,

Starting out our drive this morning on Hwy 12 on Bouldin Island- there was a huge flock of Greater White-fronted Geese and some Tundra Swans. Of course no place to stop, so just had a quick look.

Then headed to Flood and Waverly Rds. Like the report from yesterday we saw some of the same: 3 adult Bald Eagles, 2 Ferruginous Hawks, one Rough-legged Hawk, and 2 Prairie Falcons; along with numerous Red-tailed Hawks and A. Kestrels. Looked for, but did not see a single Mt. Bluebird.

Next checked out Woodbridge Rd. All water is dried up except at the Crane Preserve. There was a good mix of dabbling ducks- mostly Green-wing Teal, and probably a 1000 or more Sandhill Cranes, plus some GWF Geese. There was also a few of the usual shorebirds. An adult Peregrine Falcon landed in the tree tops while we were there.

We tried Staten Island next. Again most all of the water is dried up except at the very end of the road. Again, there were plenty of Sandhill Cranes, some flocks of Tundra Swans and GWF Geese, and a small flock of Common Goldeneyes, along with some more dabblers. Amazed not to see a single Canada Goose.

Best birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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