Yolo/ Solano Co, Aug 25

Denise and David Hamilton

Hello all,

We too went to see the Least Bittern family at Yolo Bypass on Aug. 25. What a great marsh area!! We had never been there before, and will return at future dates (but not during the dove-hunting season!) In addition to the Least Bitterns, we saw 2 Soras, Wilson's Snipe, a Yellow-headed Blackbird, an American Bittern which walked out onto the pathway, and the usual other species.

On the first part of the drive there were at least 8 Great-tailed Grackles & a flyover Peregrine Falcon.

Next we headed over to the end of Kestrel Street (late morning, but thought we would take a quick look) Never being there before, we had no clue on which is the best way to walk there....any suggestions for next time? Migrants noted- a couple of Western Tanagers, a Wilson's and a Yellow Warbler, several selasphorous hummers and a House Wren (resident or migrant??)

Then to the Davis Wetlands, and since the gate was locked and already noon, decided not to go request a key. We did check out all the ponds on the drive in- on one dike counted over 270 Long-billed Curlews (probably those seen earlier out in a field from a previous post.) No special gulls or ducks.

We headed out on Rd 28H toward the dump, always looking for Burrowing Owls, and actually finding one this time! It was sitting on a fence post in front of 2 small white buildings, with a weeping willow tree, that is just a bit past the main entrance to the dump.

Stopped at the wide area across from Lake Solano to eat lunch. There on the upslope is a Chinese Pistache tree and like the "BIRD MAGNET" it is in our neighborhood for migrants and resident birds, was a Warbling Vireo, several Western Tanagers and several W. Bluebirds. The best bird who came for the berries was a Pileated Woodpecker. We first watched it on a tree next to the lake, but then it flew across the road and landed in the pistache and ate quite a few berries before flying off. Mixed swallows flocks were numerous here as everywhere else today.

Best birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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