[CenValBirds] Re: Hooded Orioles in Yolo County


Hi Folks:

Hooded Orioles are regular summer residents (occasional in winter) in
Sacramento County, widely but sparsely distributed in the wooded suburbs of
Sacramento where fan palms occur. The area around Reichmuth Park in south
Sacramento is a good place to look for them. Individuals and family groups
are often seen in the park in August-September (attracted to fruiting plants
in and around the park). They seem to be attracted to fig trees at this time
of year (as are Western Tanagers and a wide variety of other birds, even
including Yellow-breasted Chat), and there is a fig tree near the south end
of the park that often attracts them. I've had a family come to the fig tree
in my backyard at this time of year.

Suburban woodlands are much more extensive in Sacramento County (and San
Joaquin?) than in Yolo County, and I suspect that is why Hooded Orioles are
rarer in the latter. Hooded Orioles probably would not even be in the
Sacramento Valley if not for suburban woods and the planting of fan palms
within them.



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