Re: [CVBirds] Putah Creek

Gil Ewing

Regarding Black-headed grosbeaks:

When I lived in an apartment complex near Cal Expo in urban Sacramento in the early-80's, multiple pairs of Black-headed grosbeaks bred in the alders there but disappeared by the time I moved to the Pocket Area south of downtown in 1985.
The Black-headed grosbeaks stayed there in the Pocket and in nearby Reichmuth Park all summer, and presumably bred, but seemed to disappear by the time I moved to Fair Oaks in 1989.
These birds were seen and heard here in Fair Oaks every summer day until about 5 years ago, when they disappeared as breeding species from my neighborhood here also.
There appears to be a pattern of range contraction going on with this species locally.

Just thought I would share my observations.

Gil Ewing
Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co., CA

On May 4, 2009, at 9:12 AM, Manfred Kusch wrote:

numerous Black-headed Grosbeaks. Four males and several
females are coming to my feeder every morning and the males are
singing in their territories. I was, therefore, surprised that Bruce
Webb in a recent post stated that Black-headed Grosbeaks spend only a
short time on the valley floor before heading to their breeding
territories in the mountains. In my experience, the Grosbeaks are very
common breeders certainly along Putah Creek at elevations below 100
ft., and, according the Breeding Bird Atlas of Napa Co., are also
quite common throughout Napa county, both in the valley and the hills.
Both Bruce and I would like to hear from others whether Bruce's
experience near Folsom Lake is typical for the East side of the
valley. I had always assumed that the American River parkway would be
ideal breeding habitat for these birds and that they were indeed
breeding there.

Manfred Kusch

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