SAC Hawks, YOL Gulls

Chris Conard


On Friday, 3/6, there were three Swainson's Hawks near the SRCSD Bufferlands
(one near one of last year's nests, which is now occupied by a Great Horned
Owl, and two just west of I-5). Today, 3/9, there were five (two apparent
pairs and one third wheel). For more info on the Bufferlands, visit

Yesterday mid-afternoon at the Davis Wastewater Treatment Plant, there were
two adult Glaucous Gulls in addition to at least one first winter bird.

In other news, singing Varied Thrushes continue in Folsom between the rodeo
grounds and upper Lake Natoma. In a group of seven Horned Grebes at Folsom
Lake near the Mormon Island access, one was molting into breeding plumage.
There were two Common Loons nearer Folsom Point.

All the best,

Chris Conard

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