[CVBirds] Davis sewer ponds, Yolo Co.

Gil Ewing

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From: Gil Ewing <gewing1@earthlink.net>
Date: February 24, 2009 5:28:53 PM PST
To: Steve Hampton <shampton@ospr.dfg.ca.gov>
Subject: Re: [CVBirds] Davis sewer ponds, Yolo Co.


I saw the Lbbg on the middle levee of the ponds last Tuesday, 2/17.

Today's pale bird did not resemble the photo in your link.
Today's bird was much paler, essentially all white (no trace of any
color visible on primaries at all; I first spotted it as it was
landing, with wings up) and had a light gray mantle.
It most resembled National Geographic's depiction of a 2nd winter
female Iceland gull, but the pale parts were even paler and less
marked, and the size and structure of the bird were a bit larger
and less delicate. The base of the bill and the legs were brighter
lighter pink than either that picture or the photo link.

How long will it be until someone finds a good Slaty-backed, Black-
tailed, Greater black-backed, Heerman's gull, or kittiwake there?


On Feb 24, 2009, at 4:13 PM, Steve Hampton wrote:


Re: the pale 2nd year Thayer's. I think you're describing the
same bird I saw last week. It was photo'd by a local birder
(name?) and is posted at
I too puzzled but eventually came to 2nd year Thayer's.

Re: the adult Lesser Black-backed, do you mean you saw it on Feb
17? As far as I've heard (and Todd), no one ever saw it again
after the initial hour on Feb 12.

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Gil Ewing <gewing1@earthlink.net> 2/24/2009 3:45 PM >>>
Took advantage of the beautiful break in the weather today on a third
and unsuccessful attempt to find Todd's 1st-year glaucoides Iceland

Saw two adult Western gulls, one each 1st-year and 2nd year Glaucous
gulls, but the most intriguing gull today was a pale 2nd-year gull
that I could not properly assign to species.
It was the size of a Thayer's gull. Two-toned pink bill with black
tip. Pink legs. The feathering was almost completely white, with
extremely little brown edging anywhere (a trace on the sides), and
some very pale gray (paler than Herring or Ring-billed) mantle and
scapular feathers coming in.
The bill was much too small and too narrow for a Glaucous gull, yet
the body and bill sizes seemed a tad big for Iceland gull. Yet none
of the Kumlein's Iceland gulls I've seen have been so white on the
primaries and tail (completely white). Could this be a glaucoides-
leaning Kumlein's gull?
Is there such a thing as a Glaucous-Iceland hybrid?

Last saw the Lesser black-backed gull on Feb 17, in the cold rain.
Could still be around. There are several California gulls with very
bright yellow legs present.

The dark-phased Ferruginous hawk was seen nearby, just to the west of
Rd 103. It was circling with 3 Turkey vultures.

Gil Ewing
Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co., CA


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