Woodbridge Rd/ Staten Island

Denise and David Hamilton

Hello all,

This is a late report of our trip on Monday, Jan 12 to Woodbridge Rd. and Staten Island. Nothing out of the ordinary, but the numbers of birds was great! At the Woodbridge Ecological Reserve, we did manage to see one male Eurasian Wigeon in the hazy light. There were also numerous Wilson's Snipe in the low vegetation & a good number of other shorebirds.

We watched with interest as a Western Meadowlark caught a small lizard and proceeded to smash it on the ground. Once the lizard got away, but the bird grabbed it again around the belly and continued to beat it until it died. Then it started to stab into the lizard and ate a few bites. Maybe it didn't taste very good because the bird walked away from it. (Checked the online Birds of North America, and it mentions them eating insects, but nothing about lizards.)

Further up the road from the Reserve, there were flooded fields that were full of Tundra Swans, one lone Black Swan, and a number of Greater White-fronted Geese. Many Sandhill Cranes were flying around and were in the back of the fields.

Over at Staten Island, again there were numerous Sandhill Cranes and many Tundra Swans. What was really amazing were two grassy fields FULL of GWF Geese and hundreds of "Aleutian" Cackling Geese. There was also one lone Snow Goose. A variety of ducks were on the water, nothing unusual, but a nice number of Canvasbacks.

Best birding,
Denise & David Hamilton

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