hybrid duck at Lake Solano

Denise and David Hamilton

Hello all,

Birded Lake Solano Park yesterday (finding only one pair of Barrow's Goldeneyes on the creek next to the campground.) However I discovered a hybrid duck in a flock of Common Goldeneyes and Buffleheads down by the dam. Some not-so-great pictures are posted in the North Bay Birds Photo Albums titled 'Lake Solano Hybrid Duck.'

At one time the bird had its stiff tail up like a Ruddy Duck, which is not shown in the pictures. I am thinking it is a Ruddy Duck- something. As the picture shows, in the sunlight, a bronzy- green is picked up on the head and the back showed some bronze. Without the light, the back looked solid black. The bill was small like goldeneyes or buffleheads, not large like a Ruddy.

I searched the little bit of material I have on hybrid ducks, but couldn't come up with any that seem to fit this bird. So, I would appreciate some input!

Best birding in 2009!

Denise Hamilton

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