Solitary sandpiper at Vic Fazio

Gil Ewing

Louise McCullough and I checked out the Vic Fazio wetlands in e. Yolo Co. this AM, as we had not heard of any reports from there lately.
There were not large numbers of anything, but a nice smattering of ducks and shorebirds. Lots of hunters racing down the roadways stirring up a lot of dust.

Our best bird was a Solitary Sandpiper, unexpected this late in the season, on the return loop among the largest concentrations of yellowlegs. This bird
was later observed flying off in a southerly direction by a third birder, who was watching the bird through my scope, when it flew.
We did also have only one Lesser yellowlegs, and one fly-over Swainson's hawk, also late.

The Davis Sewer Ponds had gigantic numbers of Northern shovelers and moderate numbers of the common gulls, but we could not pick out anything out of the ordinary there.

Gil Ewing
Fair Oaks, Sacramento Co., CA

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