[CenValBirds] Re: Hooded Orioles in Yolo County

Steve Hampton <SHAMPTON@...>

Mike must have misunderstood me in the din of the pizza parlour.
I meant that Hooded Orioles have not been found in Yolo County
yet this year. They are rare and semi-regular, but certainly hard to
come by. In recent years a few have been seen in south Davis
in the vicinity of Rosario and Torrey and at the s. end of Drew Lane.
Both spots have fan palms. In the 8 years I've been in Yolo County,
I can't recall any other Hooded Orioles. The Drew Land birds were
first reported last year, and the Rosario ones maybe for 3 years or
Going farther north, a few years ago I saw a Hooded Oriole in Colusa
County on the Maxwell-Sites Rd just where the foothills begin.
Are they regular in the Sacramento area?

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