[CenValBirds] Re: Hooded Orioles in Yolo County

David Yee <dyee@...>

Mike Feighner wrote:

Central Valley Birders:

If I get time I will post the results of our team's Yolo Big Day on
4-24-99. We totalled 139 species.

At Steve's Pizza place John Sterling asked where Hooded Orioles could be
found in Yolo County. Steve Hampton replied that they are not found in
Yolo County. John Sterling's composite county spread-sheet does place
Hooded Oriole in Yolo county. Do they really exist in Yolo County? If
they do exist, where have they been recorded?
Mike Feighner, Livermore, CA, pac_loon@...

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Birders of Yolo County:

I'm curious about this recent post. Is it true that Hooded Orioles are
hard to come by in Yolo County? They are rather common here in San
Joaquin County as nesters in palm trees.

David Yee

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