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Crescent City Gaian Guild is a group based in New Orleans working together to support each other (mutual aid), to celebrate life, and to heal Mother Earth. We relate to the Earth, Gaia, as a living being. See for more info. This weekly newsletter serves mainly to announce our weekly meetings, with an occasional smattering of news items related to Gaia.

The purpose of these meetings is threefold. We meet to support each other in our journey as Gaians, deepening our understanding of who we are and what we’re doing here, as well as just caring for one another in a most basic way. We meet to celebrate life, to revel in the beauty and glory of Gaia, and to mark the passing of seasons. Finally, we meet to heal Mother Earth, in the sense that all of us are engaged in various sorts of ecological activism, and it is hoped that our Guild meetings will buoy us up and give us strength in those efforts; further we know that by healing ourselves we are also healing Gaia.

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