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I use two iPhone apps:
ErgData – provides real-time spoken feedback and uploads workout info  for indoor rowing to my Concept2 log book. I forget all of the fields that can be reported, but I use pace (stroke rate), time, distance, heart rate (when using a smart HR monitor), avrage pace, etc.
iSmoothRun – Provides spoken feedback for time, pace, distance, etc. for indoor treadmill runs/walks. It can use GPS as well, but it is one of the few that work indoors on a treadmill. Using a smart chest heart rate strap and a smart foot pod stride sensor, I also get HR and distance without having to have the iPhone in my hand. I keep that data within the iSmoothRun app, but it can be exported to other fitness tracking apps and platforms. You can also create workouts to have it give you spoken prompts and feedback, working within specific HR zones, etc.
When I first got into indoor rowing, I also used an app called Metrownome. It is simply a pacing metronome app geared to the rowing stroke, helping pace the catch, drive and recovery phases. It is very accessible. The problem is that it doesn’t run in the background, so I couldn’t use it along with ErgData.

From: CCB Health & Fitness
Sent: Thursday, November 15, 2018 5:38 AM
Subject: [ccbhealthandfitness] BETA update
Hey everyone!
Hope you are having a great November and maybe even starting to get into the Christmas spirit?
Just wanted to update you on the BETA test request i’ve put out there. 
I’ve deviced to “shelve” the beta test of the Polar apps as in current testing we’ve found it too problematic to be useful for our purposes.
I thank you all who have tested and provided feedback.
I would love to know however, what fitness devices and apps you use?
Do you find the apps and devices accessible, especially to the totally blind individual?
We are finding low vision folks can “work around” some issues with many devices and apps, but we are looking for a user friendly solution for totally blind users.
So, are you an Apple Watch user?  Fitbit user?  What apps?
Would love your feedback as we continue to find solutions to help you achieve your fitness goals.
Have an awesome day everyone!
CCB Health & Fitness
National Program Manager & Coach
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