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Brian Bibeault

Thanks ryan, I will check out Kijiji for something better priced, I just found the ones in the stores a little prici for my  taste.


Brian B.



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Great to hear from you and great news on the standup lessons, fun activity!


Fitness equipment can range widely in terms of style and pricing.

It really comes down to what you will use it for.



-cheaper/small treadmills are best for walking as they don’t have room for running usually

-cheaper treadmills may have a smaller motor and less fancy electronics (touch screen, speakers, etc), however many lower budget treadmills these days are still pretty fancy for most.

-an example, i have a middle of the line treadmill that I use for running and it is about $2200.  By Nordictrack.

Nordic track makes cheaper/smaller versions around 800$ i believe.

Lots of other companies with pricier options.

Like Albert you can probably find a suitable treadmill for walking, on Kijiji or in your local want ads.  Many folks buy them and don’t use them….”cough, Albert, cough” haha.  Sorry for picking on you Albert but i think you are good natured about it.


Spin Bikes

-A “spin” bike is really a basic bike with adjustable seat, handlebars, etc.  There are usually no fancy electronics and usually has a tension knob or dial to adjust tension

“Exercise bikes” tend to be a bit bulkier, with a touch screen, fans, speakers, etc.  Thus they are a bit pricier.


A spin bike can range from $200 on eBay, to $2000 for a gym quality one.


For home use, the key I would suggest looking at are:



-made of steel/aluminum

-adjustable (in terms of bikes)

-have features you want or don’t want.


Not sure if that helps at all?


I’m a big believer that middle of the road equipment is great for most, usually don’t need top of the line stuff, as you can get a 1-2 year old “top of the line” machine used for good deals...


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On Oct 25, 2018, at 10:24 PM, Brian Bibeault <gtt.northbay@...> wrote:


Hi Ryan,

I have been doing most of the routine we discussed last winter and have enrolled in the standup program at the Y which will end in early December. I have thought about enrolling for the winter at the Y but then I would need to travel there and i find the building very loud and it is a mase to get around, so that option is at the bottom of my list. I have been looking around for either a spin bike but leaning more towards a threadmill, they are not cheap and i am not sure at what style to go with. For now I do standup twice a week and do use my weight bench three times a week and no Albert I am not sleeping on it. If you have any recommendation on either bike or threadmills pros and con i would like to hear them, winter outdoors walking in my neighborhood is a nightmare, it is a quiet streets but there are no sidewalks and snowplows show up here last, so in winter i only go out for walks if I have somewhere to go.



Brian B.



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I know the saga of you and your BowFlex!! haha:)


My hope is to find a method to keep people active and engaged in the winter especially, also helping eliminate the obstacle of getting to a gym.


Certainly I am a big fan of getting out into the world…however sometimes you need to do what is necessary to get the job done.


I think keeping people active more regularly in winter will provide them with more energy and motivation to get going in the spring, summer.




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On Oct 25, 2018, at 9:00 PM, Albert Ruel <albert.gtt@...> wrote:


Hey Ryan.  How about a set of Bands, a Floor Mat, a used Treadmill or BoFlex?  I picked up a used Treadmill for $200 and a BoFlex for about $500 some years ago, and sadly right now they’re great places for hanging things from in the garage.  


Thx, Albert


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hey bud,


Thanks for the feedback.

Ya the monthly money going out can really catch up….


I think I”m trying to get a handle on a theoretical:


“Hey, if I said pay $100, get a piece of equipment, engage with us online, LIVE in an exercise class….would you do this?”


I’m THINKING if i can get discounts, etc, and I can get a cost of say $100 for the blind/VI for a spin bike…then they can login 2x a week for indoor cycling classes.


It’s not something everyone would love, but i think it’s a scheduled workout that people will do virtually, I’d instruct…and you’d get regular exercise…


Just my thoughts.


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On Oct 25, 2018, at 4:56 PM, Markus ThaDon2014 <makaveli2014@...> wrote:


Hey bud, very good question. I for one had to terminate my gym membership for the reason of the cost was just simply kvetching up to us. I do have a weight bench in my basement for the time being plus an Oliptical that Robin was given for free, how ever with the fact that we have to move I’m not sure if i will be able to keep either of them will depend on how much room we have in the new place when they find one for us.

If i had to spend on a piece of equipment for a one time life long exercise  part of my life i would have to say i would defiantly find a good TRX to purchase and if i had the room i would potentially purchase a treadmill .

Those are my thoughts. Not sure if that is what you are looking for but i thought i would give my two sents.

Have a great evening.


Lion Markus McCracken

Chatham Lion’s Club


Active Living


For all Abilities 



519 784 3416 



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Good October morning everyone!! 


I will be posing this question on Facebook and wanted to get your feedback as well.

Please share this with any friends/family who are blind/VI as the more replies the better.


With winter coming and access to external exercise facilities/resources becoming potentially more limited, I am curious…




In discussion with many folks, either in big cities or specifically in rural settings, transportation can certainly pose a great burden on getting to a fitness facility.


Here at he Health & Fitness Program I am always listening and looking for new ways to help you out.


Certainly it is no secret that the blind/VI community are prone to tighter financial situations, however it is still required to meet you physical fitness needs in order to help prevent disease, manage current disease and just plain feel better!!   

Would you invest in YOURSELF?  If so how much?






I am thinking a 1 time purchase that you would invest in a piece of equipment that you would then have at home, allowing you to participate in FREE, LIVE, FITNESS class.


What kind of class?

Really depends on the equipment…

TRX,  Spin Class, Theraband Class, Body Weight/Core class….lots of options.


So there you have it…I am curious, as i have lots of ideas that can work, they key is finding a solution that would work best for most folks.


Let me know your thoughts!!!


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