Karine L.

Hi Rian,

This september challenge fell right on time.

In August, my boyfriend and I decided to change our diet and eliminate most of the bread and pastas and we replaced all potatoes by turnips.

This made me realise how easy it can be to loose weight when you think about it. I lost 10 pounds without increasing my activities since aqua-gym and aqua-spin sessions are starting back this next Monday.

Also, I realised how much better I feel without eating all these carbs and how energetic and good I feel by eating more fruits and vegetables.

The way we work, we allow ourselves 4 hours of cheeting every weeks. For example, if we have a barbecue with friends, we can enjoy a beer or burger and frises without feeling guilty. I think that by allowing cheet hours, we don’t feel the stress of changing all our diet and thinking all the time if we can or cannot eat something.

This also makes me realise how much bread I was eating. Toasts at breakfast, sandwiches at lunch, sometimes desert or a baguette with pasta... I also enjoyed having French toasts or pancakes or crepes on the weekends...

So that’s how our September challenge goes. It began in August before I heard the podcasts and I’m very satisfied to not only loose weight but feel much better in my body digestionwise.


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