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Thanks Albert


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Brian and Markus, I finally quit smoking for good on June 26, 1999 after having quit for 5 years in my twenties and 3 years in my thirties.  When I did it for the last time I was 43 and tired of quitting.  This time I vowed to never put myself through that again by finally understanding that I don’t have to worry about how many cigarettes I used to smoke, I only had to stay focused on not accepting the first one at each craving.  I came to that realization when it became clear to me that each time I started up again I did so by allowing one cigarette into my mouth, which was followed by two or three days of going nuts and sneaking cigarettes from others.  One cigarette is my ticket to Hell, and I’m not in the market any longer. 


The visual I used on that final day was that of my father who was then 85 and 20 years cigarette free, and one of my brothers who was 49 and hacking his face off all day long due to cigarettes.  The Doctors told him at age 35 that he’d not see 55 if he didn’t clean up his act, and didn’t he fool them?  He died of lung cancer at 61, and my father made it to his 96th birthday. 


The day I decided to quit I had stopped at the top of a flight of stairs to catch my breath, and the days leading up to that one saw me hacking far more then was comfortable for me.  So, I stood there and brought those two people into focus and asked myself which one I intended to follow, and what kind of life was I wanting for myself going forward.  The answer couldn’t have been more clear; I wanted a good life filled with pease, ease and palm trees, not the life my brother had selected for himself.  I changed my mind about that damned habit that day, and the world changed for me and my family. 


How to quit?  In my twenties I quit smoking and drinking cold turkey because it seemed like these two things were negatively impacting my decreasing vision, and that didn’t seem to be so hard to do back then.  In my thirties I used a Smoke Enders course funded by my employer because the turkey had flown the koop, and finally in my forties I used just the first half of a 6-week course of a drug called Zyban.  I think I was good and ready by then and didn’t find it too difficult to get it done. 


It’s my belief that we first have to be solidly decided to do something positive for ourselves, then grab any crutch you need in order to achieve the final goal.  Nothing will work if your resolve is weak, and anything will allow you to succeed if your resolve is real and determined. 


Good luck to you all, and know that a far better life awaits you on the other side.  Yours is to decide but one thing, on the other side of what? 


Thx, Albert

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with my days right now i'm having one heck of a time trying to get my self motivated to get back into the gym, and on top of that i'm having one heck of a time  trying to kick a nasty habit of smoking.

anyone have any tips? anything wouold help.




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Brian, thanks for the feedback!!!  If you have any topics you want to be discussed on the podcast, let me know!  Always open for suggestions.

Oh my god YES!! I am done with winter!  Normally I’m pretty patient and figure it will come in due time, but this year it is never ending....    I snowed down here in Southwestern Ontario this morning....just YUK!

Everyone is feeling the blues but soon enough the weather will turn better, by this weekend i think actually.

Ya it is a tricky balance dealing with a back that has taken a lot of jarring over the years.  You want to keep up with exercise as much as is tolerable as that will keep your core strong and help support the back....but you can’t push through the pain either.  Certainly a balancing act.

Feel better soon, hang in there and the sun will be out soon...i hope!!!!!!

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> Hi Ryan,
> Take a walk is more run an obstical course around here, hopefully it will clear up this weekend with double digit temperature.
> I was keeping up with my exercise routine before xmas and eventually got back to it after the holidays with one change, I switch the push ups to lifting weights since the push ups where giving me lower back pain. I have had problems with my lower back as far back as I can remember, the lower disk on my spine are worn out from my younger days running trucks into the oil sands.
> I have been taking a break from my exercises for the last couple of weeks, started with a cold then turned into an pneumonia, took the last antibiotic yesterday but still get short of breath very easily.
> Short of it is I am SICK OF WINTER,, started the first week of November with lots of ice and it is the third week of April. Last year at this time I was outside with shorts and T shirt not a snowsuit.
> I have been listening to the podcasts, a couple behind at the moment but have not checked out you tube.
> Enough ranting from me, and keep up the good work.
> Brian B.
> North Bay
> Ps: did I mentioned that I was sick of winter, grin.
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> Good Sunday evening everyone!!
> I hope the weather is nice wherever you are...unless you are in’s horrible!!!
> I thought it was supposed to be spring?  Oh well..
> If you are like me, feeling the blues the last week or so, just wanting the warmer weather to arrive, then here is a little video reminder of how a simple walk can do wonders.  Making a cameo is Oak!!!
> It’s been pretty quiet from the group lately, please keep me posted if you have any questions or any topics you want me to cover.  Either in a video or a podcast or simply in an email written form!!
> I’d love to hear from you guys on how you are finding the video content and if you wish we were doing/covering different things.
> Also as a bit of research, I’d love to hear what fitness facilities YOU have in your area and if you have ever been?
> Have a great night and enjoy the little video!!
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