Assistance to CG families during shutdown


I received the email below from a sailing club.   

Note that the CG can accept gift cards ($20) diirectly and, apparently, if the cards are not from a single source (i.e., a club, organization, company, etc.) but are individual donations, they can be distributed by local units on a "need" basis (rather than sharing equally.)
What with funding artists and lawyers and the Foundation being put out of business, there probably won't be any safety-net checks mailed from One Trump Tower.

So if you care to help/donate to the CG directly, contact your local unit (I haven't corroborated the info below.)   
See how to contact your CG unit below Diane's email.

From The Commodore- Diane xxxxx

(specific info redacted as it's not pertinent.)

This is a followup to xxxxxxx's Facebook post who inquired if there's anything that we, as a club, can or should do for our USCG Station/Sector xxxxx due to the current gov't layoffs.  After many phone calls I was trickled to their new officer in charge of these matters, Chief xxxxxxxx. We had a pleasant conversation today and she expressed that they will not refuse anything but they have very strict rules and regs as to how gifts/donations are accepted. 
Here's an example of 1 regulation on how the donations are distributed:  
If we do one monetary donation as a club then they will distribute accordingly and each 'Coastie' receives their equal share.
Possible drawback - It cannot be divided according to individual needs.  We could stipulate we want the lowest pay grade to receive it but again its split equally within that group.  Who knows if others in the next pay grades couldn't use something?
She mentioned designating a specific person but we don't know all the individual members working there to stipulate that. 
She mentioned gift cards: if we send them in individually, not as a club, then that Coastie who's more in need can receive more than one card.
Weird to me but I'm only relaying our conversation.  
If we chose the gift card idea and we as a club mailed them in then that same Coastie example mentioned above comes back into play.  
It has to do with receiving a donation from a 'single source'. 
Also, the MAX amount per card is $20.00 !!!  It can be [from example stores] anything but NOT a Visa, MC AExp etc. 
She mentioned some people came yesterday with a pizza and all working that day enjoyed it and appreciated the surprise.  
If you are interested in doing anything, maybe send in that $20.00 gift card but not reference [the club]. 
That way additional cards can be received by that Coastie who may be in greater need than others.
You can mail your gift card to:

USCG Sector [xxxx] or Station [xxxxx]


TO LOCATE the address/phone of your nearest CG unit:

     > click on the District for your area (e.g., District 5 - Portsmouth VA)
     > click on the CG District UNITS link (left panel.) 

Each District page is a little different, but locate the Sector (used to be called "Group" if you're more used to that term) (e.g., Sector DelBay), or whichever CG StationUnit you want to, to get the contact address/phone (NON-emergency one!!). 

Obviously, there could be Coasties in need in both Sector offices and more local Station offices.

 that some units may be co-located, for instance: CG Sector Buffalo and CG Station Buffalo are at the same location (different buildings) and have different Coasties and different phone numbers.

A donation may also be made to the USCG Chief Petty Officers Association for distribution to Coasties in any USCGCOPA Chapter.
Chapter contacts are here:  

Per the President (of USCGCPOA, not the Donald) most CPOA chapters are distributing donations directly to Coasties in need, per below:

From: Randy Reid
Sent: Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:34 PM
To: Ken Kloeber
Subject: RE: Contact the CPOA President Form Submission


 Yes, you can send to one area if you like.  Here’s a link to our Chapters.  Please feel free to reach out to the one closest to you.




 Most Chapters are donating directly to the families in need.


Randy Reid, USCG (ret)

Executive Director

U.S. Coast Guard Chief Petty Officers Association &

Enlisted Association

5520-G Hempstead Way

Springfield, VA 22151

(703) 941-0395


Confirmation that ANYONE (eg, an organization) can donate to USCGCPOA for distribution "by need" so going that route rather then the CG directly it doesn't need to be by "an individual."

From: Lipp, Joseph J MKC
Sent: Thu Jan 17, 2019 1:58 PM
To: Ken Kloeber
Subject: RE: [Non-DoD Source] USCGCPOA - shutdown assistance

Individuals, groups, or businesses are able to donate money or items to the CPOA.  While members of the CPOA chapter are in the Coast Guard, the organization itself is a nonprofit organization that does not affiliate with the Coast Guard.  The CPOA will then determine how best to distribute donations via a vote by the members of the organization.  We are able to assist members in many forms, most currently, we are providing items through a food pantry set up at the Sector and at outlying units.

Update re: a donation to the CGCPOA. Once a donation is made it’s their property ie, you cannot designate that it be used in any particular area. For instance, made to the Buffalo office (eastern Great Lakes CPOA chapter) it wil be shared across the whole region.

USCGCPOA Chapters if you want to donate to there: