Carnage&GloryII Computer Moderated Wargame Rule Systems

A group for the users of Carnage&GloryII computer moderated wargame rule systems written by Nigel P. Marsh.

There are six separate Tactical Tabletop Systems:
Wars of Napoleon, 1796-1815
Wars of Frederick the Great (including AWI), 1740-83
The American Civil War, 1861-65
Wars of von Moltke, 1864-71
Warfare in the Age of Marlborough (including GNW), 1700-1721
Pike and Shot (including TYW and ECW), 1600-1699

There is a campaign system now available for use with the following Tactical Systems:
On Campaign, 1740-1815 (Wars of Frederick the Great and Wars of Napoleon)

Carnage&GloryII is an easy to learn and easy to play computer moderated rule system suitable for both the novice and experienced player. There are no complex charts or book-keeping and accounting required as Carnage&GloryII maintains all the relevant information regarding the status of the combat units and general officers within the system database. Complex concepts such as variable weather and ground conditions, heat exhaustion, ammunition usage, mental and physical fatigue and variable morale are easily accommodated by the system. By eliminating the emphasis on dice and charts typical of more traditional wargames, the sole focus of the game becomes the tactical movement and engagement of the forces under your command. The result is a thoroughly enjoyable and stimulating wargame experience.

This group allows discussion of the rule systems and enables players to share army lists and orders of battle. 

More details can be found on the system website: 

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