Staunton Club Weekly Blitz, Annual Meeting and Championship

Josh Kuperman

Our blitz tournament every Sunday at 7:15 PM

We host a weekly blitz ( 5 minutes per game with a 5 second per move increment) on You have to have an account on Lichess and be a team member. To join the team, go to http://https// Lichess does not allow creating tournaments more than an hour in advance. I generally try to arrange for the tournament to start sometime before 7:30 and after 7:15. I usually check for new team members around 7. Last week we have a record turnout (6). local area chess discussion mailing list

I created a mailing list for discussion of local chess activities. It is simpler to use than either blogs or Mailchimp, and I will be using it for announcing Saratoga Staunton Club activities in the future. The main advantages are 1. that anyone can post, even non-members, though in that case, I have to approve the post before it goes through and 2. people can manage their own subscriptions and interactions. 

For now, I am using the free version. The paid version provides added features including an events calendar so people can RSVP when an event is announced and polls which provide a way of asking all the subscribers for their input.  I can easily imagine these features being valuable enough to upgrade to the paid version if the list starts to catch on. At the moment, there are very few people using it. Hopefully, the usage will increase as I get the word out. 

Saratoga Staunton Club Annual Meeting and Club Championship - mostly a request for input

Normally, every fall we would announce our annual meeting and club championship. This year is different and I would like to hear what others are doing. So far I have seen the Albany Area Chess Club's plans for over the board play as they posted them to capdistchess@groups.io

I have numerous ideas on how we might proceed with our club championship. I am only going to outline 3.
  1.  Wait until we can do what we used to do in previous years. In previous years our club was relatively small and we would play a double round-robin, where players would have a schedule for a game every Sunday night with an occasional Sunday left open for a make-up round and player could make alternate arrangements to play each other some other time if they couldn't make it on a given Sunday. I can imagine with a small enough group and everyone wearing masks (and maybe gloves) that this might still be possible if we have fewer than 8. 
  2. We could have an online tournament using whatever the USCF, ICC, and are doing to allow for games online with their anti-cheating methods that check for use of engines, etc. This has the advantage of allowing both ratings and cash prizes. I would have dismissed this as too complicated but the Proctors City Mission chess club on seems to have managed to be using successfully for the Fifth Saturday Tournaments. It may still be too complicated for anything beyond blitz.
  3. Email or players choose their own online venue, set a time limit of at least one move a week, all games take place simultaneously and we allow engines (ICCF rules). This would be the least exclusive in that the players could just email or text moves so that no one would need to rely on their internet connection and mouse slips would not be a problem. Alternatively, players could use the correspondence mode in or if they desired. The downside is this would not be USCF rateable. 
I would very much like to hear what others think and would suggest that you just email your thoughts to

Josh Kuperman

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