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The BCA Groups.io listserv is sponsored by the Burleith Citizens Association as a moderated community and neighborhood exchange of locally relevant information and discussion. The listserv has over 800 recipients, including members and non-members of the BCA, residents and non-residents of Burleith, DC governmental entities, as well as local media, organizations, and corporations.  As such, posts on this discussion list will be read by people outside the Burleith community. Civility and common sense are expected. Personal attacks are not allowed. As appropriate, individual responses to authors of postings (as opposed to replies to the entire group) are encouraged.

- Advertisements from commercial or for-profit entities are prohibited except for limited postings (as agreed to in advance) from businesses that regularly support Burleith through advertising and monetary/in-kind donations to BCA-sponsored events. If you would like to advertise in the Burleith Bell newsletter or on our website, please contact advertising@burleith.org.

- Disseminating information about items to be given away or sold by the owner is acceptable as long as the poster is a Burleith resident.

- Campaigning against or on behalf of a specific candidate is prohibited, although information about political events of a public interest is acceptable.

- Other activities of potential interest may be posted at the discretion of the moderator. Please use your judgment in determining what is an acceptable post. The BCA reserves the right to prohibit certain postings, and egregious posts will be removed by the moderator. The moderator will ban repeat violators from continued participation in this site.

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