Please read carefully

1. Please be respectful to each other.  Meaning we will not make fun of each other or make someone feel bad or belittle them for asking a question.

Anyone who does, will be band immediately!

2. Please stay on topic, if its not about a braille display, note taker, or support or tech support for these devices, don't post it here.  There are other groups for that.
3. Please change the subject line accordingly.  Many people sort there mail, and some delete mail according to what the subject line says.  So stay on topic.

4. Please, no 1 liners, this can clutter all of our in boxes.
5. Please read all messages in a thread before answering.  This will prevent double answers, and less message clutter.

6. This is a free support group, and not meant for advertising, or to promote paid services.  Articles pertaining to software is fine, but please remove all previous headers and recipients.

7. Please don’t put personal phone numbers or other sensitive information in your signature.  This is for your own safety!

If you have any concerns or problems, or someone is harassing you, please contact the group owner email: immediately, And I will handle it promptly.

  Please follow these rules, and we all will have a wonderful experience.

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