Bloody Big Battles! (BBB)

For players interested in the Bloody Big Battles! rules for 19th century wargames (BBB). To be used to explain game rules, post scenarios for historical battles, ask questions, and generally discuss 19th century warfare. Check the files for dozens of historical scenarios!

BBB is published by SkirmishCampaigns and is available from retailers such as:
Brigade Games
Caliver Books
North Star Figures
On Military Matters

There are now two companion volumes available, and others in preparation:

Bloody Big European Battles! (BBEB) has sixteen scenarios from the Crimea, Italy 1859, Austro-Prussian War, Russo-Turkish War, and several smaller conflicts.

Bloody Big Balkan Battles! (BBBB) has fifteen scenarios from the First and Second Balkan Wars (1912-1913) and contains a huge amount of scholarly information about these wars.

BBEB is published by SkirmishCampaigns; BBBB is published by Brigade Games.

There is also a BBBBlog at:

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