Re: Pontes Media Downloader - version 3 released

Nelu Cîmpean

From version 3 there is a menuitem that helps you choose the download folder. It is under the Options menu and you can trigger it with control shift e. So, wherever you are in the program, pressing control shift e will open a dialog from which you can choose the download folder.
Regarding the menu it is a little bit strange how javafx accessibility handles menus in the sense that submenus are more accessible than the main menu,... really strange.
Pressing alt will select the menu bar. Pressing right and left arrows navigates through the menu bar items. in order to open a submenu you have to press down arrow twice. it is a little bit strange until you get used to it (i tested both with jaws and nvda).
I'm taking into consideration replacing the menu bar,  for the windows version, with a toolbar with buttons, each button would trigger a submenu. I will test if this variant is more accessible.
Regarding the mp3 bitrate, I guess, if so many of you request it i could add an optional feature for it but i still believe that by upsampling audio you just increase the file size while affecting audio quality.
Regarding the manual I will post it as soon as I finish writing it. There were many features added in version 3 so I have to rewrite it.

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