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I wouldn't assume that.  I consider it bad design to predetermine parameters and give the user no control.  You can have a setting that predetermines the parameters if the user wishes but this setting should be optional, whether it is the default or not.  You are converting from a compressed format, whatever Youtube uses to another compressed format.  So you are losing new information the more compression you use.  I use 320KBPS when converting youtube to MP3.  I don't know how lower bit rates would compare.  But I use the highest bit rate because that adds the least amount of compression to an already compressed file.  Such choices are not up to the developer to make for the user in a way that gives the user no choice.  and it is completely contradicted by the design of the rest of the program regarding encoding file types.  You can control the parameters of other file types.  Singling out MP3 is a contradiction in design and is one reason I have never used the program.  the other is simply that I started using another one before I knew about yours but I have no desire to try it with the predetermined bit rate of MP3 files.

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Hi, Immigrant
Version 3 should convert with the same bitrate as the original file. The bitrate is not controlled by the program anymore. So, if the original file from the internet has a variable bitrate @128 the coverted file should have the same bitrate.
The logic behind this is that you will not effectively gain anything in audio quality if you convert 128 vbr to 256 cbr.

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