Re: Pontes Media Downloader - version 3 released

Nelu Cîmpean

Hi, Mario
Yes, the feature exists in version 2.1 and it is also included in version 3.
The feature works in 2.1. After you paste the url's you have to tab to destination formats combobox in the multiple downloads window and then to start downloading button.
The program will start downloading the url's one by one. Unfortunately because the clipboard is monitored it will also paste them in the url field from the main window but the program should ignore them .
In version 2.1 the url's are written to the downloads.list file in the Engine directory. and then downloaded.
The bug is fixed in version 3 because now the url's are directly taken from the multiple downloads window, checked for validity and then added to the downloads table.

I didn't write a manual for version 3 yet. I tried to keep all the functionalities from the previous version while adding new ones.


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