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Warren Carr

I think that once you respond to one of them, you have the whole lists that you are on covered!


As both an "Android Evangelist and Enthusiast," I beg you in the name of Google, to quit spreading false information among blind people that says Android is Not Accessible!
Ask, and you will be enlightened!
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I've responded to the bounce message but I've had about four more notifications. I responded to one in the latest series, it looks like each response covers all your lists. But I'm not sure if these are actually new bounces etc. Gmail must still be having problems.

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just another update.
we have almost half of this group bouncing.
256 members

On 12/15/20, Shaun Everiss <> wrote:
Yeah, I just got debounced myself.

Its amazing how much the net depends on the cloud when in 2002 it was
just an idea under testing.

I also heard that in an article thats its between 3 and 10million per
minute to creaters and google if youtube is down for a minute.

The services were down for 60 and effected everyting from smart tech
to well everything else.

Can you imagine how much went when things went down, I sure wouldn't
mind 10 million a minute.

On 16/12/2020 6:54 am, valiant8086 wrote:


Woo, I apparently am de-bounced after all.

Aaron Spears, AKA Valiant8086 General Partner at Valiant Galaxy
Associates "we make (VERY GOOD AUDIOGAMES) for the blind
comunity" On 12/15/2020 12:52 PM, valiant8086
via wrote:

People might not be able to unbounce. I sure can't. I got re-bounced
immediately. I might be an extreme case though with my 21
groups that I'm part of.

search for me on facebook, google+, orkut..
follow me on twitter.
contact me on skype.

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