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Welcome to the discussion group for the blind. All topics are welcome.
Feeling frustrated with a new update that broke accessibility? Trying to figure out how to use a program? Want to know what others think about life as a blind person? Welll you are in the right place. All questions are welcome! :)

Please keep the following in mind when useing the list:
This is a help group. So please keep that in mind when posting. Please no socializing. Or just chatting threads.

1. Please try to keep the subject line relevant to the conversation. Change the subject if that helps people know what is in your message. 

2. No name calling or using demeaning language when addressing others. This is something that can get you removed from the list.

3. No Chat or socializing twitter type of posts. We have Twitter and Facebook for that.

4. Keep conversations on topic.

5. No religious discussions.

6. Keep Politicle discussions related to Blindness issues.

Hope you enjoy the list.

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