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1. This is a safe place for those who are blind & are struggling with mental health issues.  If you are blind, and are struggling with any mental health issues, feel free to join.

2. After joining the list, please introduce yourself to the list, as it would help me, and everyone else on the list, get to know you. Thank you.

3. Please, do not advertise any other groups unless you have the administrators permission. Also, please do not post ANY other advertisements. This does not help the list; anyone who does will be banned from the list.

4. Please, no foul language and do not post anything inappropriate -anything that is sexual in nature unless approved by the administrators.

5. This is not a dating group - please do not post anything even relating to that.

6. If you are posting about something sensitive (IE: symptoms, illness, self-injury, feeling suicidal, abuse, etc), please post a trigger warning (TW) at the start of the email, please. This will give everyone on the list the choice to read the email -if they are in a safe place to do so.

7. If you are feeling suicidal, or are having the urge to Self-Harm, we urge you to seek professional help immediately -or someone that is in your town/area/country that you trust. The people on this list are only here as a support system; we are NOT professionals. We do not offer therapy, only encouragement, a chance to be ourselves, maybe a little guidance, but as we said, we are not professionals. 

Other rules may soon to follow.

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