manaman and the symphonid



How do you defeat the brire wilderness boss?

I have perfect pitch so I was able to defeat the note challenge easily enough, but the battle.

Now lets be clear, I have a couple manamon, a terrible and rebignus and both can do major dammage, and I am sure with time I could probably do dammage enough to kill the thing.

The issue is, either I get majorly dammaged by the boss's attack or his web busts killing the target instantly.

He seems to spin different webs with colours but not sure about that.

I seem to be able to do major dammage and I suppose if he looses all his webs he dies, but there is almost no way to knock him down, I'd almosth ave to 1 shot the guy, I have a couple units level 28 and another level 34, and thats enough to do some major dammage but its not enough.

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