1. All new members subscribing to the Blind Gamers list are
automatically put on moderated status. Once posts have been deemed
appropriate, the member will then be free to post without each
subsequent post needing approval. There is no set length of time for how
long a member is initially on moderated status.

2. A list member deemed to have broken the guidelines will receive one
private warning message. If they continue to break the guidelines they
will be put on moderated status. Think of this as a probation period.

3. A list member may be removed/banned by the moderators without prior
warning if circumstances warrant an immediate response. This could be
but is not limited to unacceptable postings containing; salacious or
defamatory material, piracy, cracking/hacking of any software, and
anything illegal. It will be up to the moderators to decide on whether
to allow any removed/banned list member back to the list.

4. If it is deemed necessary, a list member may be temporarily put on
moderated status, if they refuse to comply with a directive from a
moderator. EG: if a list member does not stop posting on a closed
topic of conversation.

5. Off-topic messages are not allowed on the list. If you are not sure
of whether a message you want to send is off-topic please email the
moderators privately and ask. Deliberately posting an off-topic message
is not acceptable even if you put an off-topic line in the subject. EG:
OT, O/T, Off-Topic.

6. At present the list has one list owner. Sending email to the list owner address will be seen by them.

7. Foul language is not tolerated. We realize that some words are not
considered foul language in certain parts of the world or in the context
used. However when posting to the list decide on whether your message
would be appropriate in a children's book or if it would be tolerated in
grade school.

8. This list is comprised of many people with a varying range of
education, background, ethics, and age. Because of this we ask that all
list members show tolerance toward each other's style of writing and
expression. If you feel that another list member has posted a message
which is offensive, unreadable, grammatically or syntactically incorrect
please do not complain about it on list. Either ignore the message or
take it up with the moderators privately. Flaming will not be tolerated
at all whether it's by someone posting knowingly trying to flame someone
else or a member replying to a message in anger. Be aware that the
moderators read every message on list regardless of the subject so they
can take action privately if necessary.

9. If a list member wishes to quote a message replied to we ask that
only that message in reference is actually quoted and not the entire
thread. It does not matter if the style of quoting is top or bottom as
long as messages are trimmed down. To help facilitate this we have set a
fixed allowed message size. If your message exceeds this size it will
not go through.

10. so that members breaking the above guidelines cannot claim they did
not know such guidelines existed,   they will be posted to the list once a month, on
the first of each month. we strongly advise everyone to keep a copy of
these guidelines for their future reference.

11. If any changes are made to the guidelines they will be announced to
the list. This will give members time to leave the list if they do not
agree with the changes. Anyone can always obtain a copy of the latest
rules by  emailing blind-gamers+guidelines AT groups DOT io. By subscribing and/or
posting to the Gamers list, you are agreeing to abide by the guidelines
set forth.

12. Have a good time. We ask that all list members have a good time and
enjoy the list when ever possible. Sharing game tricks, tips and
strategies is most definitely encouraged.



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