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This week's information about upcoming dance events, entertainment, and classes – April 6, 2023
Hi James
FYI – Balboa Dance Fun - and
Balboa Basics Drill: Practice Your Uphold Basics -
For Everyone 
Repasz Band Spring Concert
April 11th, 2023, 7:30 pm
Community Arts Center, 220 W 4th St, Williamsport, PA 17701
Come and join us for a lively and entertaining concert.  It will get your toes tapping, your heart racing and fond memories of music from your past will echo in your mind. Enjoy Marches, Popular music, World Culture samples and much more.  Come enjoy this Free Concert and celebrate the joy of music with us.
For Social Ballroom Dancers
For Social Dancers – 
See “From the Desk of Daniel Jurgill” Below
For Dancers Who Want to Travel.
1. Swingout USA Dance List is a weekly dance list of events in the Southeastern Pennsylvania area. For this week's list of dances, go to
2. Dance is another list that is occasionally published by Keith Stremmel showing dances he will be putting during the month of now to the end of April.  For his latest list go to
For Line Dancers
From Sharon,
Come over every Wednesday to the Double S Corral for night of country dancing at the Woodward Township Fire Hall, 4147 N Rt 220 Hwy, Linden PA. Parked behind fire hall, entrance back double doors on the right.
Doors open at 6:30 PM,
Lessons 7:00 to 7:30,
Dance 7:30 to 10:00 PM
Snacks permitted, BYOB with proper ID, $5.00 Cover
For more information, contact Sharon at 570 322-3548

This Week's List of Dance Events and Entertainment List from the Desk of Daniel Jurgill danieljurgill@...
Friday April 7, Sheppton, Monfort Inn, PAT from UPPERCUT, 7 PM
Friday April 7, Mount Carmel, Dorko's Bar, KIRA and JAKE, 9 PM
Friday April 7, Muncy Legion, LINE DANCE, 7 PM
Friday April 7, Williamsport, Boom City Brew, AUDIO BOX, 6 PM
Friday April 7, Kulpmont Winery, STRANGE AGENTS,  7 PM
Friday April 7, Sunbury, Duck In, GOOD LITTLE AMERICANS, 8 PM
Friday April 7, Mountain Top Pub, KARTUNE BAND, 9 PM
Friday April 7, Berwick Forge Bar, RAPID RUN BAND, 7 pm
Sat April 8, Shamokin, Covered Bridge Brewhaus, DJ DANCE, time ? 
Sat April 8, Watsontown, Watson Inn, CADILLAC CATS, 7 PM
Sat April 8, Mountaintop Pub, DJ , 8 PM
Sat April 8, Northumberland, Norry Hookies Fire Co, LUKE and JOE,  8 pm
Sat April 8, Kulpmont, Sobieski Club,  COAST to COAST,  time ?
Sat April 8, Kulpmont, West End Fire Co, DJ T-ROCK, 8 PM
Sat April 8, Girardville, Guntown Bar, KNOCK on WOOD, 10 PM
Sat April 8, Lewisburg, CONTRA dance, CELTIC WOOD, time ?
Sat April 8, Williamsport Acacia Club, IROPRO, 7 PM
Sat April 8, Montoursville Am Legion, FLU SHOTS, 8 PM
Sat April 8, Muncy Valley Moose, LUCKY AFTERNOON, 8 PM
Sat April 8, Sunbury, McGuigans Rest, LEON B , 6-8
Sat April 8, Jersey Shore Bald Birds,  CLASSIC ROCK REVIVAL,  7 PM
Sat April 8, Jamison City Hotel, IRV BALL, 8 PM
Sat April 8, Sunbury, Iron Vines Winery, GAS HOUSE ALLEY, 7-9 pm
Sat April 8, Lewisburg, Fero Winery, ANN KERSTETTER BAND, 12 NOON
Sat April 8, South Williamsport Moose, KICKTRAX,  time ?
Sat April 8, Selinsgrove VFW, MODERN OUTLAWS , 7 PM
Sat April 8, Sunbury, Duck In, DJ DANCE PARTY, 6 Pm
Monday April 10, Dupont VFW, DYNGUS DAY, JOE STANKY POLKA, 5-9 PM
Tuesday April 11, Northumberland, Post 44 Legion, SMOOTH COUNTRYY BAND, Open Mic, 6-9, Food 5 to 7.
Tuesday April 11, Millville, The Gardens, IRV BALL, 11 AM...
Wednesday April 12, Montgomery Legion, RUFF LIFE BAND, 4-7 pm
Wednesday April 12, Turbotville, Public House, KIRA/JAKE, 5 pm
Wednesday April 12, Sunbury, Eclipse Brew, MUSIC BINGO, 8 pm
Thursday  April 13, Northumberland, Pineknotters Brew, MERELY PLAYERS, 7 PM
Thursday April 13, Milton, YOMP meeting place,  WAYWARD, 6 PM
Thursday April 13, Sunbury, Eclipse brew, IRV BALL, time ?
Thursday April 13, Lykens Valley Swing, ANN KERSTETTER, 6 PM
Friday April 14, Danville, Rock God Brew, PAT from UPPER CUTT , 8 PM
Friday April 14, Forksville Inn, JUSTIN RAYNOR, time ?
Friday April 14, Sunbury, Iron Vines Winery, FRANK WICHER DUO, 7-9
Friday April 14, Williamsport, Boom City Brew, LOOSE CATS, 7 PM
Friday April 14, Benton VFW, IRV BALL, 7-10pm
Friday April 14, Sunbury, McGuigans Rest, CASS and BAILOUT DUO, 6 PM
Friday April 14, Montgomery, 32 Blind Rd, WEST COAST SWING, 7 PM
Friday April 14, Sunbury, Santana Soulfrito, STARMAKER DJ, 8 pm
Friday April 14, Mahanoy City ELKS, SAKES ALIVE , 8 PM
Friday April 14, Williamsport, Bar On Market, CADILLAC CATS,  8 PM 
Friday April 14, Mount Carmel, Dorko's Bar, SCOTT ERICKSON, 9 PM
Friday April 14, Mountaintop Pub, JIM and ROSE, or ASHEZ  7 or 8 pm
Sat April 15, Llewellyn Fire Co, UPPER CUTT, 9 PM
Sat April 15, Mountaintop Pub, GUILTY PLEASURE BAND, 8 PM
Sat April 15, Sunbury, Duck In, LUKE and JOE, 8 PM
Sat April 15 , Meiserville Inn, KARAOKE, 8:30PM
Sat April 15, Berwick , New Taps, STRAWBRIDGE, 8 PM
Sat April 15, Herndon Fire Co, GAS HOUSE ALLEY, 7-9 PM
Sat April 15, Mifflinburg VFW, RUFF LIFE BAND,
Sat  April 15, Jersey Shore ELKS, OUTRAGE, 7 PM
Sat April 15, Marion Heights Fire Co, KARAOKE, 8 PM
Sat April 15, Shamokin, Covered Bridge Brewhaus, IRV BALL, 7-10
Sat April 15, Williamsport, New Trail Brew, SUMMERVILLE,  3-6 PM
Sat April 15, Bloomsburg Fairgrounds, Taste of the Town, PEPPER STREET BAND, 5 pm
Sat April 15, Hazleton ELKS, SAKES ALIVE, 8 PM
Sat April 15, Williamsport, Henderfest, Cass and Bailout Crew and 3 other bands, time ?
Sunday April 16, Dupont VFW, SWINGMASTERS, (polka, waltz,oberek, pre-rock) , 2-5 PM   
Sunday April 16, Mifflinburg VFW, NOW and THEN, 4-7 PM
Sunday April 16, Camphill, West Shore Elks, singles dance, CLOCKWORK BAND, 6:30
Sunday April 16, Freeland, St Michael's Hall, BRANDON SANTINI BLUES, 4 till 9.
Tuesday April 18, Northumberland, Post 44, SMOOTH COUNTRY BAND, 6-9, Food 5-7 pm
Wednesday April 19, Sunbury, Eclipse Brew, AXE and FIDDLE or JASON YODER, time ?
Wednesday April 19, Shamokin, Lost Mine'd , LEON B, 6 PM
Wednesday April 19, Turbotville Public House, ANN KERSTETTER, 6 PM
Thursday April 20, Lykens, Swing at Lykens, MERELY PLAYERS, 6 pm
Thurs  April 20, Mifflinburg, Rusty Rail, FRANK WICHER DUO,  6 PM
Thursday April 20, Sunbury, Eclipse Brew, IRV BALL, 6:30
Thursday April 20, Milton, YOMP, JOE REICHENBACH, 6 PM  
Thursday April 20, Forksville Inn, ALAN FOUST,  time ?
Thursday April 20, Selinsgrove Hotel, AXE and FIDDLE, 6:30 PM
Friday April 21, Lewisburg Legion, FRANK WICHER BAND, 6 PM
Friday April 21, Mountaintop Pub, HEADS UP DUO, 8 PM
Friday April 21, Mount Carmel, Dorko's Bar, DJ PARTY TIME, 9 PM
Friday April 21, Girardville, Gun Town Bar, SCOTT ERICKSON, 10 pm
Friday April 21, Shamokin, Covered Bridge Brewhaus, LOBRAU , 7-10 PM
Friday April 21, Lock Haven Sons of Italy, CASS and BAILOUT CREW, time ?
Friday April 21, Sunbury, Duck In, LEON B, 8 PM
Friday April 21, Sunbury, Mid Town Bistro, PAT, 8 PM
Friday April 21, Sunbury , Iron Vines Winery, ANN KERSTETTER, 7 pm
Friday April 21, Williamsport Com Arts Center, CADILLAC CATS, 5:30- 7:30
Friday April 21, Muncy Legion , LINE DANCE, 7 PM
Friday April 21, Millville Legion, IRV BALL, 8:30
Friday April 21, Sunbury Moose, GAS HOUSE ALLEY, 7-9 pm
Friday April 21, Sunbury, Santanna's, STARMAKER DJ, 8 PM
Sat April 22, Fountain Springs Country Club, NEW INDIVIDUALS, 7 PM
Sat April 22, CampHill, West Shore ELKS, FLAMING DICK and HOT RODS, 7 pm
Sat April 22, Sunbury, Iron Vines Winery, TRAIN WRECK SURVIVORS, 7 PM
Sat April 22, Sunbury, Duck In, AXE and FIDDLE, 8 pm
Sat April 22, Sunbury Bottle Works, LOBRAU, 7:30 pm
Sat April 22, Williamsport , West 4th St, Antlers , TOP SHELF, 7:30
Sat April 22, Millville, Fran's Dairy Bar, IRV BALL, 6 PM
Sat April 22, Williamsport, Boom City Brew, UNN CUTT, 8 PM
Sat April 22, Williamsport, Harmonia Club, SUMMERVILLE BAND, 8-11.
Sat April 22, Williamsport, Pajama Factory,  Adult Prom, CELTIC WOOD @ 3 Pm , SYLAN DELL @ 4, PRARIE DOGMA 5, A SULEY 6, 2nd HAND BLUES 7 , $45 .
Sat April 22, Selinsgrove Brewing, DEAD SIMPLE BAND, 6:30 PM
Sat April 22, Selinsgrove VFW, MEMORY LANE BAND, 7 PM
Sat April 22, Selinsgrove MOOSE, LUCKY AFTERNOON, 7 pm
Sat April 22, Turbotville VFW, FLU SHOTS, 7 PM
Sat April 22, Frackville American Legion, MAGGIE and MUTTS, 7 PM
Sat April 22, Mountaintop Pub, RYTHM METHOD ,  8 PM
Sat April 22, Mount Carmel, Dorko's Bar, DJ JERSEY, 10 PM
Sat April 22, Williamsport, Trachte Center, JAZZ of DUKE ELLINGTON, 7:30
Sat April 22, Montoursville, Loyalsock Hotel, CADILLAC CATS, 8 pm
Sunday April 23, Dupont VFW, JOHN STEVENS DOUBLESHOT polka, 2-5 pm
Sunday April 23, Shamokin, Lost Mine'd  Brew, LEON B, 6:30
Sunday April 23, Lewisburg Brasserie Louis, TANJO CROW, 11:30 AM
Sunday April 23, Camphill , West Shore ELKS, singles dance , FAMOUS RUMORS, 6:30
Tuesday April 25, Northumberland, Post 44, SMOOTH COUNTRY BAND, 6-9, Food 5-7 PM
Tuesday April 25, Lewisburg Hotel, KIRA and JAKE, 5 PM
Wednesday April 26, Montgomery Legion, RUFF LIFE BAND, 4-7 PM
Wednesday April 26, Sunbury, Eclipse brew, CHUCK STAKE, time ?   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Countryside Contra Dancers – 

Come Contra dance in Lewisburg!  Saturday, April 8 at the Donald Heiter Community Center, from 7-10p.m., Ted Crane will be calling wonderful to Celtic Wood and Wires lively music!
Contra dances are easy and energetic. A basic review begins at 7:00. All dances are taught and called. No experience or partner needed; newcomers of all ages are always welcome.  We welcome everyone, regardless of age, skill level, gender identity, cultural/national heritage.
Wear comfortable clothes, and soft soled, non-marking shoes.
Admission is $10.00 for adults; under 16 free; $5.00 for students with current ID.
For everyone’s safety, because we dance together indoors,  proof of up-to-date Covid vaccination/boosters and a well-fitting mask are required.  
For more information call Betsy or Jeff at 570 524-2104
Up Coming Events
For West Coast Swing Dancers
FRIDAY, April 14, 2023 AT 7 PM
Eagle Grange building, 32 E. Blind Rd, Montgomery, PA
by Susquehanna Valley West Coast Swing
Let’s dance! Join us on Friday, April 14, at 7:00pm for a lesson then dancing and social time afterwards. No partner necessary but bringing friends to join our dance community is always encouraged. The cost is $10 per person. Snack/dessert donations to share for our refreshment table are welcomed.
Ballroom and Latin Dance
THURSDAY, APRIL 20, 2023 AT 6:30 PM – 9 PM
The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey
Event by SHINE: Performing Arts Network - SPAN
The Vineyard and Brewery at Hershey
Pennsylvania's first all-in-one winery, craft brewery & cidery - featuring year-round live entertainment
Duration: 2 hr 30 min
6:30 PM lesson
7-9 PM Country and ballroom mix dance party with a DJ
$10 to enter, pay at the door
Social Ballroom Dance
First United Methodist Church
602 S Market Street, Muncy PA
7- 9:30 PM Doors Open at 6:45
No Masks required at this time. Vaccinations preferred but not required.
Tables will be set up. Water and soda provided. Bring a snack to share.
Pre-recorded Music
$5 donation. Proceeds to mission work.
Future dates: Usually first Saturday of each month

May 6, 2023
June 3, 2023
July 1, 2023
August 5, 2023
September 2, 2023
October 7, 2023
November 4, 2023
December 2, 2023
Come join us Thursday, April 20 for country and ballroom dance night
6:30 PM – country to step lesson
8:53 PM dance party
$10 per person for entry
Hosted by SHINE  Performing Arts Network (SPAN) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fostering creativity.
Where -The Vinyard at Hershey, 598 Schoolhouse Rd., Middletown PA 17057
Wine/beer/sodas/water/snacks available for purchase
The Ballroom Dance Center of Northeastern PA
Group Lessons:
Monday Night Group Lessons
will be temporarily canceled until Apr or May 2023. Once we resume you will be notified by email and Facebook.
We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will see you back on the dance floor in the Spring!  -  From ballroomdancepa@...
Upcoming Dance Events
Sunday Dinner Dance
Sunday, Apr 23rd
5pm - 8pm | Buffet Dinner | Cash Bar | $30 per person
Reservations Required Please
Sunday Dinner Dance
Sunday, Jun 11th
5pm - 8pm | Buffet Dinner | Cash Bar | $30 per person
Reservations Required Please
From ballroomdancepa@...
The Ballroom Dance Center of NEPA
17 Madison Estates
Moscow, PA 18444

The Cotillion Club of Lancaster
Cordially Invites you to Attend
The Sunshine Ball At the Hamilton Club of Lancaster
Saturday, April 29, 2023
For more information go to
Dance Lessons
Sunday group dance classes
March 5, 12, 19, 26 at studio 22 in Hummelstown, PA
2:00 PM – beginner’s country dancing 3:00 PM beginners tango
$15 per class à la cart or pay in advance and save up to $40
$40 for the month for one class $LXXX for the month for both classes
Studio 22, 7 West Main St., Hummelstown,PA 17036
Tel: (717) 566-0456


New Series of Nightclub 2 Step in Lancaster
Starting on Monday, January 2, 2023 At 7 PM – 9 PM
The Celtic Center of Lancaster
Event by Keith Stremmel
The Celtic Center of Lancaster
Duration: 2 hr
Jan. 2, 9, 16, 23 – Mondays
Come, experience, and learn the fun and beautiful Nightclub 2 Step. This is a very easy dance that allows a lot of room for creativity and exploring partnering skills. This is a dance that you really need in your dance-life!
7pm – Beginner Level - for New and Experienced dancers - It's easy to start Nightclub 2 Step with these classes. Then the classes expand into other basic patterns and variations.
8pm – "Beyond Basic"/ Intermediate Level - for dancers who already know Nc2 basics - These classes challenge and expand your knowledge of this ever changing and very interesting dance style.
- $10 per person per class
- all 4 weeks need to be paid at the first class to show commitment
- partner rotation is encouraged but not expected
- although singles are welcome, to be fair for those who signup with a partner, we encourage you to help us keep balance with leads and follows and help us to find yourself a partner. You can contact me, and I’ll put you on a list that you are seeking a partner. This helps maximize the amount of time people can practice with a partner during class.
- only 5 couples will be allowed in class due to space
- signup is a MUST, therefore no drop-ins/walk-ins for the classes
--- to signup for the classes, or to get on a list to find a partner - Text or Call Keith at 717-968-0212
--- The classes are at: Celtic Center of Lancaster
1285 Manheim Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
Our beginner class is about to finish their 6 week session and so we will be opening up an intermediate 5 week series to work on salsa, bachata, and merengue. class will be taught by Christy Kam (private lessons also available) and pre-registration is required to attend class. We do not rotate in this class, so please bring your own partner or let me know and I’ll see if I can pair you up with someone! Mondays 6:30-7:30 and $125 per couple. classes held at EM Studios in Hershey behind the outlets.

Fred Astaire Dance Studios – Hershey
People don't stop dancing because they get old, they get old because they stop dancing. Try your first FREE lesson! Give us a call 717-298-1558
#fredastairehershey #hersheydance #hersheydancers #hersheydancestudio
Ballroom Dance Classes
Beginning ballroom dance class for anyone interested in learning to dance. Cost will be $10 per couple per class. To register please call Frank at 570-220-4806. Classes will be held on Thursday evenings from 6 PM to 7:15 PM classes will be held at Hartzel’s dance room in Montoursville PA
Learn salsa, merengue, and bachata in a small group setting with expert instruction by Christy Kam at EM Studio in Hershey, PA. Classes begin October 3, 2022, and run for 6 weeks.
Cost is $150 per couple for 6 weeks.
Classes are at EM Studios at 26 Northeast Dr, Hershey, PA 17033
For more information go to
email at hello@... or call 717-478-1323
West Coast Swing News and Updates with Jill Wetzel & Philip Spinka
Learn to Dance West Coast Swing
GPDIA certified instructors Philip Spinka & Jill Wetzel
Each Thursday from 2/16 through 3/23
Clarks Summit Fire Hall
321 Bedford St. Clarks Summit, PA 18411
6pm - 7pm: Intermediate WC Swing
7pm - 8pm: Beginner WC Swing
***6-week series: $90 per person. Registration deadline is 2/9***
Jill Wetzel 570-954-1147 jillswetzel@...
Philip Spinka 570-466-1000 philip@...
Great opportunity to learn from an experienced professional dancer and instructor.
Book a lesson today
Christy currently lives in Hershey, PA and travels to different locations for teaching, performances, workshops, and events. To contact her, please call 717-256-2324.
For more urgent matters, you can also contact Christy at 503-459-8132.
Check out her Facebook wall for events:
The Promenade Dance Studio
Don't miss our amazing classes and instructors this week! What do YOU want to learn?
Visit for more details!
Source -
Ballroom Break - 34 YEAR ANNIVERSARY
July 13 marked our 34th year anniversary serving central PA with affordable, fun, good quality dance lessons and dances.
As we begin our 35th year, we want to thank all who made our progress possible over the years. We have been blessed with a wonderful staff and fabulous students.
Watch for our 35th year specials beginning in September. Looking forward to seeing you on the dance floor!
NEW Beginner Classes
$14.00 pp Punch card Discount 6 classes 75.00
Schedule a Private Lesson at your convenience .
Attending a Wedding this year? Brush up or learn to dance for more FUN!
Visit our website
Looking forward to dancing with you in 2022!

Celebrating 34 Years !
Contact Us
For more information:
Ballroom Break
100 A Catherine Court
Lewisberry, PA 17339 US
Email: ballroombreak@...
Fred Astaire in Hershey Pa has recently opened in their brand new ballroom located at 233 West Chocolate Ave. Hershey, Pa 17033 (717) 298-1558
From ScrantonDance@...
Dance Lessons at Step By Step Dance Studio
Step By Step Dance Studio is open & teaching private lessons by appointment. We are located at our brand-new location: 916 Oak Street Scranton, PA 18508.

We are a DVIDA certified Ballroom Dance Studio. We teach all of the Ballroom, Swing, Latin Dances, Night Club Dances, Country Partner Dances, Line Dancing, Irish Soft Shoe for men & women and adult Ballet. We are also a Very Fine Ballroom Dance Shoe Distributer.

Call us at 570-343-9050 to schedule your lesson today/ or text Debbie at 570-499-9587.

Singles and Couples are all welcome!

We are taking all the precautions necessary to keep all our students & staff safe.
See you at the studio and on the dance floor soon!
Debbie & John Urban

The band and dance schedules can change quickly. The times that I list above are based on the best information we can get. We call the clubs to verify the name of the band playing and the start time.
If it is important to you, you should call the organization to check the information. You can find the phone number or email listed in the event listings or in Google.
Send me any dance events, entertainment, and class information, I will add it to the next email newsletter.
Please pass this information on to your dance friends.
Bill Mahoney
(272) 230-0550
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