Montgomery Line Dance Sched. Reduced July & Aug.


At last Friday night's line dance at the Clinton Township Fire Hall in Montgomery, they announced that the line dance schedule at the Montgomery Fire Hall has been REDUCED as follows:

  • July:  Last Friday
  • August:  Last Friday
  • September & after: resume the every-other-week schedule
This change of schedule has also been noted on the   Billtown Dance Facebook group.


  • I understood the instructor Amanda Fox to tell me that this past Friday they had 28 people, which she said gave them a "decent business" at the liquor sales window and the food sales window.

  • However, she said that they were having difficulty finding volunteers to "work the dance" during summer . . . plus they were competing with all the carnivals for attendance.  Hence they decided to reduce the schedule for the 2 remaining summer months.


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