>>>>>> Pls REPLY to Groups.io Invitation You Just Received

Ingram-James-Yahoo-Groups <ingram17701yg@...>

An Invitation Was Sent To You  — [BilltownDance] Members:

You should have just gotten an INVITATION from Groups. io a minute ago — to join the new [BilltownDance] email group (to replace the soon-to-be-deleted Yahoo group).

Please just REPLY to that invitation.

((Do NOT reply to THIS email; this is NOT the Invitation.))

The Invitation email’s subject was be "Invitation to join the billtowndance@groups.io group

and it was from   billtowndance@groups.io Moderators

| Thanks.   -  James Ingram, cell 570-772-1323,  Track2.com Railnet
JamesIngram.net //  facebook.com/james.robert.ingram 
|   Williamsport PA, Apache Junction AZ

The following JPEG screen capture is an EXAMPLE  — that shows you what an invitation from Groups .io looks like.
(This example is from another group named ‘Track2', but it will look about the same.)

==================== end of email ============