BHP List Etiquette - Revised October 2019

  • Please refrain from sending replies voicing your displeasure to the whole list. "Enforcers" will also receive a personal email outlining the guidelines, and repeaters will be removed from the group. Instead, write to the moderators with your concerns.
  • Replies post automatically to the group. This feature is intended to create a friendly neighborhood conversation. To reply to the sender only, forward the message to them with your reply, or if you receive the Digest version, click on their email address in the message listing.
  • Any member can list "for sale" or "free" items - baby/child related household or other reasonable items. As a courtesy,
    •   Please add Free or For Sale in the subject line.
    •   Post once only within a reasonable time period (6 mos-1year) unless responding to a specific inquiry.
    •   Re-post with "TAKEN" in the subject line when the item is no longer available and respond to everyone who takes the time to contact you to let them know the item has been claimed.
  • Reports of caregiver concerns: Weíve all seen something between an adult and a child that gave us pause. If that were our caregiver, and our child, we'd want to know. However, the internet makes it difficult to unwind a misperception. Please limit any posts related to observed caregiver/child interactions to a simple, "I saw something you might want to look in to..." with identifying information regarding the child and the caregiver only, and provide contact information where a concerned parent can contact the poster. Please do not post your account or photos of the observed behavior.
  • All messages are archived on the site. Before posting a query, please search the archives.  You aren't the first to wonder how to get your newborn to take a bottle, or where to find a good plumber on short notice!
  • Consider how much personal information you share. We ask for personal information from every member (which is kept confidential and is not visible to the group), but there's no way to meet everyone here, so consider whether share your address, dates you will be away, and perhaps even your child's full name and birthday.
  • This is a lightly moderated group. Inappropriate and rude posts are responded to off-list by the moderators. If you think something is out of line, please send your concerns to the moderators. Please DO NOT post your concerns to the list or to the poster, let's keep it neighborly out there!
  • No mass mailings. Harvesting members' email or other contact information for the purpose of contacting them off-list regarding any outside political or business interest is strictly prohibited and will result in being removed from the group.
Political Postings, Unsuitable Topics, and Requests for Charitable Contributions
  • We welcome meeting notices and other political information that provides parents with a link to more information, as well as information regarding opportunities to make a charitable contribution. However, this is not the appropriate forum for political discussions. Please refrain from posting politically-driven messages, and from responding to informational posts with same.
  • Per guidelines, hate speech, anti-vaccination ideologies, and certain other types of content are not permitted (
  • Members who violate content policies will receive a stern off-line warning; persistent violators will have their membership revoked. There's no shortage of forums for political discussions, but there's only one BHP. Please keep it neighborly.
SPAM Guidelines
  • As a community, we want to encourage a free flow of useful information. On the other hand, we aim to control spam. Our guidelines follow:
  • If an mail account is compromised and starts spamming the list with messages, the account will be deleted immediately with no warning. If this situation happens to you, you are welcome to re-subscribe to the list with a new, un-compromised mail account.
  • If you are passing on information about service providers, special sales, venues or events, please include an introductory message that explains your relationship to the service provider, venue, etc.
  • Post once only about any specific service provider, sale, etc. within a reasonable timeframe (6 months to 1 year), unless you are responding to a request for more information.
  • Members who violate these guidelines will be given a warning in a personal email (off-list). Repeat spammers will be removed from the group.

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