Wildlife News 08/09/2017

Richard Bashford

The Lodge


Friday 8th September


·         Profitable trip to put out the compost with a hummingbird hawkmoth at Salvia in the wildlife garden and a Red Admiral and a Green-veined White flying across the car park (Will George)


Wednesday 6th September


·         Nice Red Admiral braving the cold conditions in the gardens, also a handful of hoverflies including Syritta pipiens, Platycheirus albimanus and Eristalis tenax (Will George)


Friday 1st September


·         Common toad seen on the path near the Lodge at lunchtime (Bruce Liggitt)


Thursday 31st August


·         Two kingfishers by the swimming pool at around 12 noon. They perched on the edge, then flew off towards Transport area. (Kate Smith and Hannah Gray)

·         An odd little fly on goldenrod turned out to be Phasia obesa, a parasite on various bug species (Will George)


Friday 25th August


·         Deathcaps in four locations on the reserve this week (10 in the biggest clump), including three spots I’ve not seen them before. Also a fantastic display of Stinkhorns (18 in one clump) and a few bolete spp, including Parasitic Bolete. First Fly Agaric of the year for me, too. (Mark Ward)


Wednesday 23rd August


·         Barn owl reported over the meadow, early afternoon. All week; common lizards still showing well on log beside the Visitor Centre and on a log on the wild heathland trail at the Galley Hill end. Hobbies still feeding young near the nest site at times, but going further afield to hunt now. Several vocal ravens around the new heath. (Mark Brandon)




Thursday 24th August


·         Both stone- and whin- chats on Sandy Heath in low scrub between plantation and quarry access road. Also wasp spider in plough-line alongside the path. (Tony Morris)


Friday 18th August


·         For the last couple of evenings the starlings in the area are all meeting up at Biggleswade railway station with more every evening.  I can’t tell how many maybe 300/400 and they have been doing there dance in the sky. Fabulous and well worth a look at around 7.30 if you are in the area... (Kathy Berkery)

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