Peregrine Luton today?


Is anyone in Luton and able to confirm either Birds are present this afternoon ? 
Many thanks if anyone can 

Carl Brown

One returned to the town centre from the north west at about 2.25 this afternoon. Hopefully a photo is attached of it flying by my office near the police station.


Carl that is brilliant ! , as it proves that there is now two pairs in the south of Bedfordshire , as I was watching the other pair, and taking pics at exactly the same time. 
You have a great veiw from there , any vacancies at your office ?

Scott Stalham

This was the female bird when she left the TE building in pursuit of a pigeon but she returned unsuccessful. 

Scott Stalham

Yes that's the female bird.  Great shot. 


Fantastic views of both birds on the BTb this morning with one sending clouds of white feathers from a prey item (pigeon?) drifting on the breeze for a good forty minutes. Still up there sitting against a blue sky - would make some great pics but my phone held up to bins just doesn't do it justice.