UBCM Food Insecurity Resolution

Melissa Hemphill

Good morning fine foodie folks, 

I am hoping that those of you with connections to local government can meet with officials that will be attending the UBCM conference in the fall to let them know about a resolution that will come before them, and request their support for this resolution. 

On June 25th, Anita Ely, Specialist Environmental Health Officer with Interior Health and I presented a resolution to the Revelstoke City Council to take to UBCM. The council approved the request to take this resolution to UBCM, which reads like this:

WHEREAS more than one in ten households in BC, [1 in 7 households in the Interior Health region], experience household food insecurity and are more vulnerable to chronic conditions leading to health care costs that are 2x higher than food secure households;

AND WHEREAS rates of household food insecurity are not reduced by food programs because they cannot address the root cause of household food insecurity, being lack of income and extreme material deprivation.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UBCM frame household food insecurity as an income-based problem and advocate to provincial and federal governments for evidence-based income policy solutions to food insecurity.

Please find the powerpoint presentation and a video recording of our delegation in the following links:

Presentation to City Council:


Video of delegation:


A backgrounder that we provided to the Revelstoke City Council: 


If you have any questions, I welcome them anytime. The more support that this resolution has going into UBCM, the more likely it is to get passed, and the time to prepare and educate local government on the issue is over the summer...now. 

Thanks for any efforts you can put towards this! I'd love to hear any stories about your meetings/discussions. 



Melissa Hemphill,
Food Security Coordinator,
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