Richard Russell has released BBCSDL v1.01a



Yesterday, Richard Russell released BBCSDL v1.01a.
He has posted an announcement about it on the stardot forum:

Just to let everyone know.
- PM

DBZ FOREVER!!! !!! !!! !!!

lettersquash <j.r.freestone@...>


Richard begins that announcement saying "I'm running out of places where I can make announcements!", which I can only assume is a reference to his decision to leave this forum after I complained about his style of posting. In the interests of this group, at which Richard seems to have felt comfortable before my arrival, and with the sincere wish that he might change his mind and resume posting here, I've decided to cancel my membership, as I offered to do at the time.

My apologies to the group for the disturbance. Happy programming. If anyone has any particular need to contact me, you can find me at (where I'm also lettersquash).