Problem with COMLIBA


I don't know what's happened or how it's happened. I'm stuck.

I'm adding DATA lines to a program I'm writing, and suddenly it's all stopped working. It uses various libraries:

FNusing v1.3
WINLIB2 v1.1

Suddenly this morning, it refuses to run. It gets stuck on the last-but-one line of FNinvoke:

      DEF FN_invoke(O%,T%,N$,P$,U%)
      LOCAL M%,D%,I%,F%,R%,S%
      DIM D% LOCAL 15,I% LOCAL 15,M% LOCAL 2*LENN$+1
      SYS "MultiByteToWideChar",0,0,N$,-1,M%,LENN$
      SYS !(!O%+20),O%,I%,^M%,1,`LCID%,^F% TO R%
      IF R% THEN =R%
      IF T% AND 12 S%=-3:D%!4=^S%:D%!12=1
      SYS !(!O%+24),O%,F%,I%,`LCID%,T%,D%,U%,0,0 TO R%

and all I can do is exit the program. I don't know what FN invoke does or why it gets stuck.

The thoroughly wierd thing is that it seems to have infected previous version of the program (I'm now on version 1.57a and have 78 previous versions on file here). The program's quite big and is rather important to me. Cam anyone offer any advice?

Alan Roberts


OK, fixed it. I reckon that all 16GB of RAM was filled. I closed other files, rebooted, and it all started again. But I still have no idea what actually went wrong.

Alan Roberts

Richard Russell

On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 04:22 am, alan836975 wrote:
Cam anyone offer any advice?
You've not really provided enough information to allow a 'remote' diagnosis.  Your post title implies that you suspect COMLIB of being involved, so a useful thing to do would be to check that COM is working properly on your PC; for example you can try running the supplied example program SPEAK.BBC (in the EXAMPLES\SOUNDS folder).  If that runs correctly it at least demonstrates that COMLIB is working; if it doesn't then it suggests that the problem is unrelated to BBC BASIC.


Richard Russell

On Sun, Nov 26, 2017 at 04:55 am, alan836975 wrote:
I closed other files, rebooted, and it all started again
You posted here before rebooting your PC?  The very first thing you should do, when anything 'unexplained' happens, is to reboot your PC!

> But I still have no idea what actually went wrong.

Would you expect to?  We are talking about Windows, a monstrously complex Operating System (Linux and Mac OS are just as complicated).  It can fail in myriad ways, and it's not really even worth speculating on the cause unless the failure is repeatable.  If you are inquisitive, check the event logs to see if there is anything around the time of the problem that might be relevant.