Creating self-contained Mac (etc.) applications

Richard Russell

SDL 2.0 has made it possible for me to create a 'cross-platform' version of BBC BASIC without having to understand the specifics and peculiarities of the individual platforms.  That's great, but there is a snag: when it comes to building a self-contained application from a BBC BASIC program ('compiling', if you like) then detailed knowledge of the platform concerned is unavoidable, you can't have a 'cross-platform' compiler!  That's the main reason why the 'Compile' option in SDLIDE has remained 'greyed out' in all the editions, to date.

The last thing I want to do is to have to learn about Mac OS or Linux or Android or whatever to the level of detail that would be required to write the 'compile' function (bearing in mind that we're not talking about compiling in the traditional sense, but simply of packaging the BBCSDL run-time engine and the BBC BASIC program together in a single unit).  Indeed I probably couldn't even if I wanted to.  It makes far more sense for an Apple enthusiast to do it for Mac OS and a Linux enthusiast for that OS, etc.

So can I ask for volunteers?  If you have used BBCSDL on a Mac, or are interested in doing so, please seriously consider offering your services to write the necessary software tool(s) to create a self-contained application (I assume that, in the case of the Mac, it would be in the form of a .dmg 'disc image' file).  Similarly if you have a specific interest in Linux or Android I would very much welcome your contributions towards the equivalent for those platforms.