BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 v0.19a released

Richard Russell

I've updated BBCSDL, the free cross-platform implementation of BBC BASIC, to version 0.19a. The various editions may be downloaded as follows:

The Android edition will also run on the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The main changes in this version are as follows:

BASIC interpreter:

  1. The *DISPLAY command will flip the image horizontally or vertically, for compatibility with BB4W v6.11a.

  2. The *INPUT and *OUTPUT commands are now supported in the ARM version (i.e. on the Raspberry Pi).

  3. A minor bug affecting the 'copy key' functionality has been fixed.


  1. The socklib library has been added, supporting network access. This is substantially compatible with the BB4W version.

  2. The dlglib library has been updated to support dragging dialogue boxes.

Example Programs:

  1. has been updated to display news from the BBC's RSS feed, like the BB4W version.

  2. has been added, which emulates a teletext news magazine, sourced from the BBC's RSS feeds.

  3. and have been added, which use socklib to implement a simple chat application.

  4. generates its own FVF files, making it a much more useful example.

  5., a transcription from 1981 of the Toccata from Widor's Organ Symphony No.5, has been added.


  1. Andy Parke's BBCEdit will now run on the Raspberry Pi.

  2. The Raspberry Pi edition of SDLIDE now supports the Run... Profile and Run... Debug facilities.

  3. SDLIDE dialogue Boxes (such as Open File or Find/Replace) can be dragged to a different location.

  4. The SDLIDE Find/Replace facility wraps back to the start of the program if the string isn't found.

  5. Double-clicking on a word in the SDLIDE editor highlights that word wherever it appears in the program.

I still need volunteers to contribute to the documentation, help viewer and addin utilities.




Thankyou again Richard for all your hard work. I am especially grateful
for the addition of 'socklib'.

Ian K

Nigel Holland

Hello Richard,
I just wanted to say thank you for all your hard work on BBCSDL. I have been one of those group members that have been lurking in the background, interested in reading the posts in this group, and keeping up to date with developments. My use of BB4W over the last few years and more recently BBCSDL as been limited to producing small programs for "recreational  mathematics" and some astronomy algorithms - probably nothing more than using the software as a glorified calculator . However recently I have had more time on my hands than usual and have been able to make far greater use of your software. Indeed I have been able to delve more into the capabilities of BBCSDL and have been astounded by what you have created, especially in respect of the cross platform capabilities.

Just seeing, for example, in this latest release of BBCSDL the Ceefax example program working flawlessly on my android smartphone, Amazon Kindle, Raspberry pi and my windows Laptop, has put a smile on my face and amazed all those I have shown.

I very rarely post in discussion groups or forums ( I should find the time to contribute more). but I have at times been surprised by the lack of feedback and acknowledgement you have received (I'm just as guilty of that as anyone elae). This latest release especially seems to have gone by without a great deal of acknowledgment, so I would  personally like to partly remedy that, hence this post; to give you my thanks and appreciation. Please if you can, do keep up your good work.



I agree with Nigel and add my thanks along with Ian K.


I believe the majority of users are delighted and amazed by Richard’s incredible programs,  although I understand some lamentable souls have caused unwarranted anguish.


I wish I could contribute more but know my limitations.  To use BB4W (about seven hours a day for the last many years) has undoubtedly been my single greatest source of pleasure.  (Apart from the obvious.)


Congratulations, Richard.  I am sure most sensible users of your product stand in awe.





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