BBC BASIC for Android updated

Richard Russell

I've updated the Android edition of BBC BASIC once again, this time to version 0.16d. Changes in this release are:

  • Fixed another issue affecting displays with a resolution in excess of 2048 pixels.
  • Fixed pasting BBC BASIC code put on the clipboard by another Android app.

Version 0.16d may be downloaded from the usual place:

Android should recognise this as an upgrade and your personal files should not be affected.


Paul Marshall

All working well, thanks Richard.

I've even installed it on an Amazon Fire TV stick which is an Android ARM device.  Touchide runs but of course there's no way to navigate any further except the back button which goes up a directory level. But the possibilities are intriguing!  

Richard Russell

I've updated BBCSDL once again (all editions), this time to v0.16e. This version uses an even more aggressive memory-allocation strategy - it will attempt to squeeze itself into a smaller gap - in the hope that it may solve the reported "Couldn't allocate memory" message.

Version 0.16e may be downloaded for the various platforms as follows:

It's not impossible that the new memory allocation strategy might itself cause problems so if you notice anything untoward please report it.



Hi All;

For what it's worth - still get the "couldn't allocate memory" error when running on a Chromebook under ARC Welder.

Now, that could be because it's an older device [CB3-111] with less memory, but it's on Stable Build 73 of ChromeOS and almost works!

I'll continue to mess with ARC just to see if anything else runs / doesn't run.

All the best,