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Hello everyone,
When I use in SDLIDE for windows, it works fine
but when I try to use it on my android phone once it has become .apk with the BBC2APK v1.01 application, it doesn't work and the message is "DIM space"
Anyone know what I can do wrong?
Thank you.

Richard Weir

Hello! I am pretty sure the problem is the phone has too little memory to run the app. You may be able to free up some memory by uninstalling apps, but you may need to buy a phone with more memory!

Good luck!



Thanks for your reply.
Have you seen or the library work on any Android phone?
thank you


Richard Weir

Argh! Sorry, but I was barking up the wrong tree.

The "Multidem" BB4Win program is designed to show off the capabilities of the "" library. This library assists with the control of the multiple-windows capabilities of MS Windows. Android does not have any kind of multi-window capability, so there is no way that the "multiwin" library, nor the BASIC program that runs it, can work on Android devices. (The same applies to iOS devices!)

I was also confusing RAM and flash-RAM - apps are stored in flash-ram, data-structures used by the apps are stored in RAM. (You can free up small amounts of RAM by disabling or uninstalling apps which have some always-on capability such as Twitter, news-feed readers and other apps that generate alerts. But it is unlikely in the extreme that you would need to do so:- since apps are stored in and run from flash-RAM, all RAM is free for data and there is a lot of RAM so that large data such as video can be processed.)

Sorry for wasting your time with bad advice, I do hope you haven't been uninstalling apps on the basis of what I told you!



Yes, I understand.
Don't worry, everything perfect.
Thank you for your information.