BBC BASIC for Linux gallery

Richard Russell

As many of you will know, I have had to abandon (or at least mothball) BBC BASIC for Linux, which is very annoying.  Although I have only been working on it for about three weeks it will be a great shame if it all goes to waste.   Why does 'politics' (in this case the old Open Source versus Closed Source issue) have to intervene in what should ideally be a purely technical pursuit?

I can at least give you a taste of what might have been.  At this link you will find a gallery of screen-shots from some of the example programs (as supplied with BB4W) running 'natively' (via SDL) on Ubuntu 14.04:

Many of these programs required minor modifications to run under BBC BASIC for Linux, often for trivial reasons such as having to replace a SYS "Sleep" with a WAIT or because the syntax of *FONT is slightly different.  In a few cases more involved changes were required, e.g. to replace a native Windows menu with a plain BASIC equivalent.  But it's noteworthy that SKATERS.BBC runs perfectly with no changes required (BBC BASIC for Linux implements the 'CD quality' sound available in BB4W only via the HQSOUND library).


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