BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 version 1.22a released

Hated Moron

I've released version 1.22a of BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0 - the cross-platform programming language for Windows, MacOS, Linux, Raspberry Pi OS, Android, iOS and in-browser. The changes in this version are as follows:

  1. BASIC Interpreter / Run Time Engine

    Cmd+leftCmd+rightCmd+up and Cmd+down are mapped to Home, End, Ctrl+Home and Ctrl+End, respectively, for improved compatibility with Apple Macs.

    In the in-browser edition *RUN now runs JavaScript code (previously it did nothing useful) e.g.

    Code: Select all

     OSCLI """"")"

    The QUIT n statement can now accept a parameter of zero (ARM and 64-bit editions only, 32-bit x86 editions always could).

    A few performance optimisations have been carried out (e.g. fixing memory alignment issues).

  2. IDEs and Utilities

    In Alt+left and Alt+right are mapped to Word Left and Word Right, respectively, for improved compatibility with Apple Macs.

    Added a -P command-line switch to to activate the profiler.

    The Android and iOS editions report if a later version is available.

  3. Libraries

    Changed and to call glLightfv by address rather than name.

  4. Example Programs

    Added Newton's Cradle simulation ( in examples/physics).

    Bundled the set of instructive Box2D demos in examples/physics/samples (these all use Debug Draw graphics).

    Updated to add Tidy and New Game options (the difficulty of the generated game is very variable!).
This version may be downloaded, for all the supported platforms, from the usual location. The GitHub repository has been updated (used to build the MacOS, Raspbian, Android, iOS, 64-bit Linux and in-browser editions, currently).

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