BBC BASIC for Windows version 6.13a released

Richard Russell

I have today released version 6.13a of BBC BASIC for Windows. This is a maintenance release, primarily to fix the recently reported (but apparently known about for quite some time) bug in the WIDTH() function.

The changes in this version are as follows:
  1. Interpreter / Run-Time Engine:

    A fairly serious bug in the WIDTH() function has been fixed.

    64-bit indirection (using the ] character) has been implemented, compatible with the 64-bit and ARM editions of BBCSDL.

    The VDU 27,n command (used to display the characters associated with codes 0-31 and 127) now also works in VDU 5 mode.

    The VDU variables have been rationalised, in particular ?444 and @vdu%!248 no longer have their previous functions.

    New system variables @vdu.w.a&, @vdu.w.b&, @vdu.w.c&, @size.x%, @size.y%, @char.x% and @char.y% have been introduced.

  2. Libraries and Utilities:

    The ARRAYLIB library now handles errors (e.g. caused by a numeric overflow or division-by-zero) better.

    The Cross Reference utility uses memory more conservatively by reducing the maximum depth of nesting.

  3. Example Programs:

    The following example programs have been added, functionally equivalent to those supplied with BBC BASIC for SDL 2.0: BEZIERFIT.BBC, ELLIPSEFIT.BBC, DISCO.BBC, FLOOD.BBC, GDIPDEM.BBC, PENROSE.BBC, PIECHART.BBC, POLYDOTS.BBC, SPOTLIGHT.BBC, SQUARES.BBC, SURKS.BBC, SWIRL.BBC and WIDOR.BBC.

    The WORLD.BBC example program has been modified to use a 'directional' light, which more accurately represents illumination from the (very distant) sun.
To upgrade the full (paid-for) version of BBC BASIC for Windows to v6.13a download and install upgrade.exe from the web site; remember that you are allowed to install it on multiple computers so long as only one copy is in use at any given time. To upgrade the trial version (or install it from scratch) download and install bbcwdemo.exe. It is possible that these executables may trigger security alerts until they have acquired a reputation for safety.

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