Re: Is there anybody there?

lettersquash <j.r.freestone@...>

Richard, I find this thread intensely annoying. I remember this kind of issue coming up on previous forums, and I accept that people are all different, so I try to give you some leeway, but your attitude sometimes comes over as quite nagging and ungrateful, and you almost always come over as terse and unfriendly. I'm really sorry to have to say that.

People here are sometimes asking for help to fix something for their sake, but often they're giving information in order to help you, to fix bugs in your software. They do so in the midst of their busy lives, often, I assume (and this is true for me) as a way to give something back, because they appreciate your work so much. Normally, an author will thank people for these gifts (I am one, and I always do). Normally, the author recognises that this is a gesture and a boon to them. Normally, the author puts issues on their todo list, or they might ask nicely if the reporter would mind debugging a bit, if they've got time. You seem to take interest as a commitment to work on the team, issue homework, and then you seem to expect results. And you thank nobody.

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