Re: A minor query?

Richard Russell

On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 05:13 PM, Leslie Baker wrote:
I have had to put the code just before the QUIT
Maybe I'm being particularly slow today (I'm suffering from severe back pain so it's possible) but I'm really having difficulty understanding what you mean.  You should not be "putting" code anywhere, all I have asked you to do is add a single WAIT statement before the VDU 26, nothing more.  Perhaps it would be helpful to backtrack:

1.  I suggested that a possible explanation for the observed symptom might be that the window size has not stabilised before it is interrogated by the VDU 26.
2.  To test that hypothesis I suggested adding a delay before the VDU 26 to give more time for it to stabilise.
3.  I listed the relevant code in where the window size is interrogated using VDU 26, so you would know where to add the delay.

Is there anything there that you don't understand?  Have you successfully located the code that needs to be modified (I assume you know how to use the Edit...Find menu option, or the equivalent Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut)?  Talking about "putting code just before the QUIT" makes no sense to me: why would you be wanting to do something when the program quits?

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