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I am sorry for this. My programming skills are fairly minimal and I do not really know how to handle those two variables in the PROC statement. I have used WAIT statements up to 10 secs before the VDU26. I have had to put the code just before the QUIT, if I put it any earlier it errors with a black screen and ‘No such variable’, so I have had to keep swapping the original file and the test one for each other when it falls over. I know it is defeatist but I am prepared to just load a dummy program, Maximise and click New. When the smaller screen initially comes up I cannot load a program until the window is maximized - clicking on a previous prog gives no result.


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Subject: Re: [bb4w] A minor query?


On Tue, Feb 12, 2019 at 04:19 PM, Leslie Baker wrote:

I have double checked, and there are no typos.

How much delay did you add?  Have you tried adding a silly amount (e.g. a second) so you can see the sequence in which things are happening?  One useful diagnostic would be to output the values that are being passed into PROCdrawall (I find that putting them in the title bar is a good technique because that doesn't interfere with the rest of the GUI).  Is it being passed the dimensions of the 'full' window or only the dimensions of the (incorrect) reduced-size window?

Feel free to take this exchange to direct email if you prefer.


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