Re: Is there anybody there?




I read everything but my lack of knowledge precludes me from attempting to contribute.

I was overjoyed when the ability to program phones became available but my health has stopped me from experimenting very much.

I hope to be able to pick up soon but believe the majority of users are fully aware of the genius behind BB4W and allied programs. 

Please continue your amazing journey.





From: Richard Russell
Sent: 12 February 2019 14:55
Subject: [bb4w] Is there anybody there?


I am very conscious that messages that I have posted here in the last few days are not receiving any replies.  I announced the release of BBCSDL v1.00c with a request for feedback: NOTHING.  I specifically asked David Nichols to test the new version and report back: NOTHING.  I responded to Leslie Baker about his window resizing problems: NOTHING.  Either I am being ignored or a technical fault is causing my messages not to be forwarded to members who receive them as emails (in which case I am talking to myself); I'm not sure which is preferable!!


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